Universal PID control

  • ✔  For any pump and flow meter
  • ✔  Dedicated flow controllers for your brand
  • ✔  Requires no programming skills

At Flowlink, we developed a flow controller with integrated universal PID control. Thanks to this, your system flow will remain constant. You also remain a constant flow if certain conditions, such as back pressure, change. This aspect of the Flow-Connect is very useful for laboratories. We gladly give you more advice about our controller.

The advantages of our flow controller with universal PID control

Our flow controller with universal PID control has a platform design and is a universal flow computer for a laboratory. You choose the required flow rate and the universal PID control handles the rest. It does not matter if the conditions change because the PID control maintains a constant flow at all times. The use of the Flow-Connect had many advantages, such as:

Accurate batch dosing
Additional sensor input
Control two loops simultaneously

Thanks to the additional sensor input, you can connect an extra sensor to reveal more information about the conditions of your system.

Select the best flow controller for your system

Naturally, you only want to work with a high-quality flow controller that you can easily connect to the flow meter in your laboratory. The Flow-Connect ensures the best quality and a constant system flow thanks to the universal PID control that is integrated in the controller. Do you want to know more about our product? Contact us by calling on +31 76 5289844 or by sending an email to info@flow-connect.eu. You can also fill in our contact form.

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