Universal controller for your flow meter

  • ✔  For any pump and flow meter
  • ✔  Dedicated flow controllers for your brand
  • ✔  Requires no programming skills

Our universal flow controller can be connected to almost any flow meter and pump. The Flow-Connect is suitable for multiple purposes, from a millilitre per minute to a litre per hour. This depends on which pump and meter you connect to the flow controller. At Flowlink, we happily give you advice about our multipurpose product.

A steady system flow thanks to our universal controller for your flow meter

The universal flow controller for your flow meter is a mass flow controller that can be used to control fluids, but also temperature and pressure, for example. This makes the Flow-Connect perfect for quality flow systems in laboratories. It has an integrated PID controller, which brings the pump speed up to the required flow rate. This way, you never have to worry about the system flow being unsteady.

Choose our universal controller

Do you wish to use our universal flow controller for your flow meter and pump? Our controller is suitable for pump, flow, and batch control. You can also add additional sensors to display more information about the condition of your system. Contact us for more information by calling on +31 76 5289844 or by sending an email to info@flow-connect.eu. You can also fill in our contact form.

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