Universal flow computer for a laboratory

  • ✔  For any pump and flow meter
  • ✔  Dedicated flow controllers for your brand
  • ✔  Requires no programming skills

The Flow-Connect is a universal flow computer and controller that is suitable for R&D and laboratory trials. When you connect a pump and a flow meter to the controller, you create a control loop of which all the information is visible on the display. The Flow-Connect allows you to connect additional sensors to reveal more details about the conditions of your system. At Flowlink, we love to tell you more about the applications of our controller.

The universal flow computer for your laboratory that suits your needs

Our universal flow computer and controller for laboratory and R&D trials can be connected to almost any pump and any universal flow meter, and is equipped with four flow control modes. At Flowlink, it is our goal to develop and design high-quality flow products for different industries, such as the chemical and food industry. Thanks to the Flow-Connect, you can control two loops simultaneously, whether they are dependent or independent of each other. It is possible to use our flow computer and controller for laboratory or R&D tests, but we also give our clients the opportunity to sell this dedicated controller under their own private label. This includes backup service and support. We also gladly work together with you to develop flow solutions that suit your operations.

Control your flow loop with our flow computer

We offer the universal flow computer and controller for laboratory and R&D trials as a DIN rail module, table model and as a table model with a dosing system. We understand that no flow system requires the same needs, and that is why we work together with our clients to find the right application. Do you wish to know more about our universal flow controller for R&D tests? Contact us by calling on +31 76 5289844 or by sending an email to info@flow-connect.eu. You can also fill in our contact form.

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