Pressure control system

  • ✔  For any pump and flow meter
  • ✔  Dedicated flow controllers for your brand
  • ✔  Requires no programming skills

With our Flow-Connect, you create a pressure control system. At Flowlink, we have developed a pressure flow controller for your laboratory or industrial control cabinets. The Flow-Connect is a multipurpose controller to which you can connect a pump and a flow meter to create and control a flow loop. This device is suitable for multiple industries.

The ideal controller for the pressure control system in your laboratory

With the Flow-Connect, you control not only fluids, but also quantities as temperature and pressure. This flow controller is thus very suitable for regulating pressure and when you connect the right pump and flow meter, you create quality flow systems that ensure a constant system flow. The Flow-Connect is equipped with four different modes: pump control, flow control, batch control and other sensor control. The modes pump control and flow control are useful when you wish to control the pump speed. With batch control, you control the flow volume to reach the required dose volume. This versatile flow controller will undoubtedly come in handy in your operations.

The advantages of this pressure flow controller

This pressure flow controller for your laboratory has multiple advantages. When you create a pressure control system with the Flow-Connect, you can control two loops at the same time. You can also dose one or two fluids accurately and simultaneously to a pre-set batch limit. Another advantage is that you can log the process data for review after your trials or production runs. The pressure flow controller is a great PLC alternative for your laboratory because it does not require any programming skills.

Create a pressure control system with Flow-Connect

If you like to regulate your pressure flow with a few presses of a button, our controller is perfect for your laboratory or machine. It is also possible to supply our controller for a pressure control system under your own label. We provide this opportunity for our OEM clients, and we include backup support and service. Do you have any questions about our flow controller? Contact us by calling us on +31 76 5289844 or send an email to

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