Gas flow controller

  • ✔  For any pump and flow meter
  • ✔  Dedicated flow controllers for your brand
  • ✔  Requires no programming skills

Are you looking for a gas flow controller that requires no programming skills? At Flowlink, we created the Flow-Connect. This is a flow meter and pump controller, and it is suitable for a variety of purposes. With our product, you control physical quantities like temperature, pressure and gas, but also fluids. We develop custom-built solutions, and we gladly work with you to create a solution that fits your purposes.

A gas flow controller connecting virtually any flow meter with any pump

This controller is capable of connecting almost any flow meter to any pump to create a gas flow loop. An accurate gas or liquid flow measurement is crucial because this ensures a safe, efficient, and environmentally compliant operation in various applications. The Flow-Connect is a universal flow computer for a laboratory and it is equipped with four modes. When controlling a flow, you can choose the flow control mode, which is one of the four different modes. In this mode, the product controls de pump speed to reach the pre-set flow rate and the gas flow remains constant.

Use our controller in your laboratory

Our controller is suitable for laboratories and industrial environments. You can connect other flow products and additional sensors to the Flow-Connect to be displayed as well. This way, you adapt the controller to your purposes. Do you wish to receive more information about our product? Check our support page or contact us by calling on +31 76 5289844 or by sending an email to

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