8 Reasons for using the Flow-Connect

The Flow-Connect is a versatile & very easy to use Flow Controller. It has a platform design and can be used to control flow or other physical quantities like pressure, temperature, etc.  Due to the built-in PID controller and ability to work with multiple input and output signals it can be used for various pump/flowmeter combinations. The controller can be adapted for many different flow purposes making it an excellent choice for R&D and laboratory trials, but also for machine builders looking for a dedicated flow controller.

  1. 0-100% Pump Control

    Control the pump speed between 0 and 100% output. The connected sensors will show their output values.

  2. PID control function for accurate Flow Control

    Set the required flow rate and let the integrated PID controller handle the rest. Even with changing system conditions the controller will keep a constant flow.

  3. Additional sensor input (eq. Pressure/Temperature/etc.)

    Add an extra sensor and reveal more information about the system conditions.

  4. PID autotune function

    Let the autotune function determine the best PID settings. As per standard there are 5 different PID-tune functions ranging from smooth to aggressive.

  5. Process logging

    Log the process data for review after trials or production runs. 

  6. OEM Solutions

    Brand labeled solutions with custom applications for OEM clients

  7. Application development

    Custom application development for any flow process

  8. Back-up service and support

    Online backup service and support for all users.